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Winning with People at Work


Course Overview

Getting things done within an organizational requires more than being able to excel in work performance. It requires the ability to manage upward, to influence the decisions of bosses. It also requires the ability to manage laterally to obtain needed resources and cooperation from peers and subordinates.

In today’s team-oriented work organizations, it will also require the ability to manage multiple relationships at the same time within project teams and task groups. This 2-day seminar is specially designed to equip executives and leaders with the critical skills to win with people at the workplace.

Course Objectives

This 2-day program will help your people to:

Course Outline

Part 1

Self Discovery

Understanding People & Motivation Techniques

Core Leadership & People Management Skills

Communication Styles & Strategies

Part 2

Skills & Practical Tips For Delegation

Art of Conflict Resolution For Leaders

Influencing Skills Application & Case Studies

Training Methodology

Who Should Attend

Program Duration

2 days