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Art Of Delegation


Course Overview

Often managers feel that they have too much to do and too little time. Unchecked, this feeling leads to stress and ineffectiveness. Delegation is a critical management skill. Effective delegation enables managers to concentrate on more important tasks. Many view delegation as using one’s authority and getting things done. Today’s workforce (especially Gen Y) wants to work for leaders who can inspire them. They are familiar with the roles of coaches and mentors. Hence they want to participate in making decisions. The traditional way of delegating jobs based on seniority and authority will not bring the desired results. This program besides going through the techniques of delegation wills also emphasizes the nuances on communication, style and values.
Further, managers can use the delegation tool to develop their people. This Art of Delegation workshop will enable participants to effectively delegate to improve individual and organisational performance.

Training Objectives

At the end of the 1-day workshop, participants should be able to:-

Course Outlines

  1. Why Do You Need To Know About Delegation?
    • Mastering the art of delegation makes you a more effective manager.
    • Delegation is an effective means of developing your employees.
    • The “do-more-with-less” climate makes delegation a must.
    • Delegation is the key to organizational effectiveness.
  2. Criteria For Success in Delegation
    • To let go.
    • Horizontal and vertical delegation
    • Teamwork
    • Ability to influence
    • Effective Coaching
    • Good communication skills
    • High degree of trust between the delegator and delegate
  3. The Process of Delegation
    • Definition of Delegation
    • Benefits of Delegation
    • Barriers to Delegation
    • What to Delegate
    • Whom to Delegate
    • Delegation Process
    • Potential Pitfalls

Training Methodology


Program Duration

7 hours (1 day)