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Leadership Skills Development Workshops


Course Objectives

At the end of this 2-day experiential workshop, participants will:

  1. Be equipped with practical skills to better manage their team members for higher productivity & targeted results.
  2. Learn the proven step by step techniques to lead with confidence and generate the powerful comrade spirit at the workplace.
  3. Be confidant in handling & managing difficult behaviors of team members & situations with desired outcome.

Course Outline

Creative Leadership

  1. Understanding Self & Team - Self Assessment & Discovery For Creative Improvement.
  2. Why People Do What They Do – Leveraging On The WIIFM Mindset.
  3. Workplace Opportunity Scan – Using Eye-Q Creative Tools For Immediate Improvement.


  1. 7 Practical Hi-Touch Communication Techniques & Strategies.
  2. Communicate With Power & Persuasion Thru Hand, Head & Heart.
  3. Broadcasting & Probing Tactics.


  1. Recognize & Manage Emotional States To Get People To Want To Do Things They Should Do ; NLP Work.
  2. Step By Step Application of Positive Influence Techniques To Achieve Desired Results From Team Members.

Coaching & Mentoring

  1. Applied Coaching Techniques & Styles To Improve Team Competence.
  2. Appropriate Delegation With Follow-thru & Empowerment.
  3. Ability To Immediately Apply Practical Coaching Tools & System For Team Continued Growth.

Managing Difficult Behaviors & Situations

  1. Handle Difficult Conversations & Conflicts Effectively.
  2. Subtle & Direct Intervention Of Behaviors Patterns.
  3. Steps To Help Others To Deal With Change.
  4. Conflicts Prevention & Management Tips

Personal Development Action Plan

  1. 30 days PAP For Personal Improvement.
  2. Personal Opportunity Scan For Career Growth.

Training Methodology

Short Lectures, Role-Plays, Interactive Exercises, Group Critiques & Self Reflections.

Who Should Attend

Program Duration

2 days