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Facilitating Effective Meeting


Training Objectives

“How you wish your meetings could be more effective?”
A good meeting framework and effective facilitation could increase the productivity of meeting by multiple folds.

There are 4P to every meeting: Purpose, People, Process and Participation. Focusing on the 4P will increase the effectiveness of meetings: clarity of information; quality of discussion/brainstorming and commitment to the action plan.

The aim of this course is to equip the chairman of meeting with tools and structure for facilitating effective meetings.

At the end of the workshop, participants will learn to:

Training Outlines

  1. Why Meetings Failed?
    • Do you know the 3 most common causes of meeting failure?
    • Checklist for organizing and facilitating effective meetings
  2. Strategy For Starting Meetings
    • Why starting meetings with positive framing enhances buy-in
    • Strategy for time management and meeting productivity
  3. Effective Team Decision Making
    • Why smart team members make bad decisions?
    • Valuable techniques to overcome 4 common types of decision biases
  4. Managing Difficult Meeting Situations and Personalities
    • Understanding the 4 most common personalities during meetings
    • Techniques for handling difficult situations and people
  5. Creative Problem Solving
    • Deploying effective tools to increase team’s problem solving capabilities
    • Fine-tuning suggestions into viable business action steps
  6. Ending Meetings With Commitment
    • Summarizing key discussion points
    • Firming up action plan and delegating responsibilities

Training Methodology

The workshop is designed to deliver maximum result through experiential learning, case studies, group discussions, video, self-reflection and translation into actual action plan that can be applied immediately at work.

Program Duration

1 day