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Leading Creativity & Innovation


Course Overview

Discover new ways to break through mental barriers, sluggish thinking and roadblocks
Do you wish you could apply creative thinking at work to try new things? Do you doubt your own capacity for creativity and innovation? Do you have trouble getting creative thinking and solutions from your team?
Relying on yesterday’s ideas, products and assumptions can spell failure and be a detriment. Now you can learn proven creative thinking techniques to generate new ideas and get a blueprint for establishing a climate of innovation in this lively, interactive and hands-on seminar. You will discover new ways to break through mental barriers, sluggish thinking and roadblocks—in order to improve performance, stimulate creative thinking and unleash the creative potential in yourself and your team.

Course Objectives

How You Will Benefit

Course Outline

What You Will Cover

Seminar Outline
Learning Objectives

The Messy Nature of Innovation

Nurturing New Ideas and Solutions

Recommended Practices Review

Real-World Practice

Training Methodology

Short lectures; work place case studies; role-plays; self-evaluations; video-recording behavioral analysis and guided group discussion.

Who Should Attend

Managers, team leaders, directors, project managers, supervisors and staff in all industries—and anyone who has influence over the creation, adoption and implementation of new products, services and processes.

Program Duration

2 days