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Value Selling & Customer Relationship Management Service Skills


Course Overview

To Wow Customers & Increase Sales. The most challenging task in business is to keep your current customers and get them to buy more of your products and services again and again. Next. Is to go out and win new customers especially during tough and challenging times.
Starting with a revisit of the most profitable business strategy - selling value, this program helps you understand the strategies to anticipate and serve customers’ needs. It will also help you to move ahead of your competition and emerge even stronger by differentiating with value selling.

Course Objectives

This one-day workshop is specially designed to help participants:

Course Outline

Morning Session – CRM Service

Afternoon Session

"People buy what products can do, NOT what they are."

Who Should Attend

This workshop is structured for those who are involved in selling functions and service role that requires direct contact with customers.

Program Duration

1 day