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Retreat & Team Bonding for Management Staff


Course Overview

This program is designed to give an experiential and meaningful event for maximum impact on Team Unity.  It not only gives participants and experience of different team dynamic but also the concepts behind them.   The program consists of experiencing the different team blending and mixtures within and across functions.  Apart from covering concepts why team works, it also addresses some aspect of why teams fall apart.  Concepts and Activities are the foundation of the program to sustain learning and team bonding.  This program is suitable for Groups or Individuals that need to work in a team formation.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, Learners will demonstrate the:

Course Outline


Training Methodology

The program will be administration with various Team Bonding learning models.  They include Concepts Presentation, Group Discussions, Self Reflections, Video Clippings, Experiential and Activities-based Action Learning.  Other Options include Low, Mid, High Team Structures or Adventure based Learning Format.

Who Should Attend

For Managers and above.

Program Duration

1 day