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Learning and Personal Development


Course Overview

Learning and Personal Development (LPD) looks at the development of an individual to proactively undertake lifelong learning and to share his or her knowledge and skills with co-workers for contribution to workplace productivity and effectiveness. It also addresses the individual’s ability to understand diversity and change in the global context and to adapt to the impact of diversity and change in the workplace for sustained employability in the knowledge economy.

Course Objectives

Course Outline

Learning is never a destination but a journey. This programme aims to get individuals to embark on their personal journey of lifelong learning and be aware of global change taking place and its impact on their performance in the workplace and show how they should constantly upgrade and learn in order to be effective and competent worker in the new economy.

Participants will experience and learn to:

Training Methodology

Experiential methods of learning will be applied to enable participants to learn and practice the concepts and skills taught during the programme:  Mini-lecture, Activities, Role Plays, Group Discussions, Exercises, Presentation, and Written Assessment.

Who Should Attend

Operational and front-line staff who need to understand the impact of global change and the need to constantly upgrade themselves.

Program Duration

2 days or 16 hours