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Interviewing Skills


Course Overview

In the current competitive environment, organizations are faced with attraction and retention challenges. Effective selection interviews enable managers to hire competent candidates who are motivated to perform and stay with the organization. Thus, managers need to be equipped with the skills of hiring the right candidate and not rely too much on gut feeling for selection. This course provides a structured approach to selection that helps to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

Course Objectives

In this course, participants will learn how to plan a logical and structured interview, using competency and behavioral-based approach. This enables participants to understand how to select the candidate that fits the job, team and organization. Projecting a professional image is emphasized in the course so that candidates have a good impression of the organization and this has a positive impact on employer branding efforts.

Course Outline

Training Methodology

Highly interactive and activity-based with lectures and discussions revolving around work relevant scenarios.

Who Should Attend

Program Duration

1 day