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Improving Employee Performance


Course Overview

The Performance Appraisal session can be a stressful one for managers if they are not equipped to handle it effectively. When managers are able to conduct them effectively, it motivates staff to improve performance and inspires them to set stretch goals that can drive corporate performance even further. This course prepares managers to conduct appraisal discussions confidently and effectively through a structured approach and skill practice.

Course Objectives

In this course, participants learn to apply the SMART model in performance appraisal and a step by step approach in handling appraisal discussion.  Participants will also learn how to handle different stages of the performance appraisal and different types of staff. Potential pitfalls that cause appraisal sessions to be unproductive are also highlighted so that participants do not fall into these traps.

Course Outline

Training Methodology

Highly interactive and activity-based with lectures and discussions revolving around work relevant scenarios.

Who Should Attend

Program Duration

1 day