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Developing The Intrapreneurial Leader Within You


Course Overview

Explore and seize new avenues to business success through enhanced thought processes, resource management and people leadership skills.
Today, entrepreneurial thinking and risk taking are crucial for business growth and success—but they don’t come naturally to everyone. Still, you can learn how to harness and capitalize on the opportunities and potentials within your work team & the organization. Leaders therefore need to adjust both thinking and leadership skills to make the desired positive difference.
This workshop helps you rewire your thinking and choice of behavioral patterns as a leader so that you can embrace change and attract the desired success. You’ll develop and apply the skills that are essential to rejuvenating the way you manage your work, your people and your business. It will also enable you to re-imagine your capabilities as a leader and identify new opportunities that others may miss. In cultivating this new mindset, you can also increase your organizational value and future career prospects.

Course Objectives

• Be aware of the entrepreneurial strengths and challenges within you for a positive change.
• Train your mind to recognize all the possibilities and see potential within your team for work improvement.
• Learn to lead as an Intrapreneur that turns “Negativity” into stepping stones for higher goals.
• Acquire essential leadership skills that bring your team into a higher productivity level without pain.
• Develop the Intrapreneurial Leadership skills for a better & collaborative culture in the workplace.

Course Outline


Training Methodology

Short lectures; work place case studies; role-plays; self-evaluations; video-recording behavioral analysis and guided group discussion.

Who Should Attend

Managers and executives who want to develop and apply the mindset and skills of an Intrapreneurial Leader to improve personal & organizational results.

Program Duration

2 days