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Delivering Powerful & Persuasive Presentation


Course Overview

This is a hand-on high impact workshop to equip executives with effective presentation skills and practical step-by-step techniques to win confidence and desired business results.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:-

Course Outline

1. Presentation Effectiveness Assessment

2. Fundamentals of Business Presentations –

3. Planning Your Presentation & Audience Analysis.

4. Planning Your Delivery Tactics and Strategies for getting onto a positive opening.

5. Setting The Stage Right - Survival checklist of :

6. Putting the Sizzle into the Sell

7. The 3 V’s of Presentation

8. Handling the Q&A

9. Presenting to an International Audience

10. Personal Action Plan

Training Methodology

Mini Lectures, Games & Simulations, Group Interaction & Discussions. Individual Critique & Feedback.

Who Should Attend

All managers and executives who need to present effectively for successful results.

Program Duration

2 days