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Coach Teams and Individuals


Course Overview

The process of helping people enhances or improves their performance through reflection on how they apply a specific skill and knowledge.
Coaching is different from traditional supervisory skills, because coaching emphasizes on maximizing ones potential. The focus is on strengthening one’s strength rather than harping on one’s weaknesses.
The program also emphasizes the importance of “walk the talk”. It is this entrenched attitude which will be a catalyst for successful coaching sessions
Hence in this program, you will learn how to use the coaching technique to elevate your subordinates to higher levels. Besides focusing on wok competency, participants will appreciate the use of coaching skills on other areas such improving your subordinates work attitude.
The Coach Teams and Individuals programme is just what you need to establish and maintain an effective team, achieve customer retention and assess service levels for continual improvement.

Course Objectives

  1. Ability to cultivate personal relationships for effective coaching.
  2. Ability to set realistic work goals and service standards.
  3. Define performance requirements and develop action plans
  4. Ability to communicate effectively in face to face situations with subordinates.
  5. Ability to motivate subordinates to increase their service standard and job satisfaction.
  6. Skills in giving guidance and counselling relating to behaviour at work.
  7. Managing difficult employees.

Course Outline

Day One

Day Two

Training Methodology

Mini lectures, Case Study, Role –play, Games Simulations, Group Interaction & Discussions, Video Taping & Play Back for Action Learning

Who Should Attend

Personnel in Supervisory positions

Program Duration

2 days