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Trainers Selection

In order to capture the best trainers who can powerfully deliver our programs and align to our corporate values, we developed a stringent and strategic selection system when recruiting our program trainers.

trainer selection

We specifically scout for trainers who can share their stories and experiences to our clients, and as a result, deeply enhancing their learning journeys. Each of our trainers has amassed between 16 to 30 years of experience in the corporate world, and is ready to share his or her wealth of knowledge to learners.

Our trainers have conducted customized programs for companies and organizations across various industries such as Ernst & Young, Apple, Singapore Police Force, Sentosa Leisure Group, Citibank Group, MINDEF, DSTA, Symantac, Buckman Laboratories, Jurong Shipyard, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Fish and Co, among many others. Hence we are at any time ready to analyze our clients’ challenges and develop powerful yet practical solutions, no matter which industry they come from.

Experiential learning is what our trainers strongly believe in, and this is the core factor behind the highly successful delivery of our training programs. The keen emphasis in experiential learning is what brings our programs to life, and is also the differentiating point that we bring to our clients and learners. All our trainers bring along knowledge, humour and most of all, the great desire and passion to impart lifelong applications towards greater capabilities for our learners.

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