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3L Consultancy is a Singapore-based Training and Consultancy Company that designs and conducts soft-skills training programmes.

At 3L, we strongly believe that learning is a life-long process. More importantly, the value of learning is in its application. Training can only be effective if there is transfer of learning, contextualised to different workplace scenarios. This is where our focus is!

Given competing priorities and limited resources, organisations often have difficulty in implementing what has been learned. We work closely with organisations to conduct in-depth Training-Need-Analysis and facilitate transfer of learning. By leveraging on our wide pool of experienced trainers, we develop programmes not only for training but also for proactively identifying gaps that may impede effective implementation of learning.

Our service differentiation does not merely rest with designing, developing programmes and conducting training programmes. We follow through hand-in-hand with organisations to ensure there is evidence of implementation. Ultimately, we strive to show evidence of result in the form of people’s behavioural changes that benefit the organisation and individuals.

Our Trademark

Founder's innate belief in unwavering service gave him the impetus to design the 1 day "Desire To Serve" program. This program has been awarded the Trademark from the ministry for the definition of customer service "Beyond Transactions".